Consumer buying journeys: complex and chaotic, but full of opportunity


Consumers have fundamentally changed the way they buy products or look for information about them.

Largely driven by evolving technology and the internet, the paths consumers now take to find information, compare products and transact are often complex, varying by a range of factors, from product type to shopping occasion, and even consumer mood.

While these journeys can be difficult to predict, there are patterns of where consumers start and end these journeys, and where they go along the way. Consumer facing businesses that can best understand and predict these journeys will reveal where to focus their efforts to best capture customer attention now and in the future.


Consumer buying journeys for a big-ticket item

Traditionally, consumer purchasing journeys were linear and largely predictable. Although these journeys didn’t always end where they started, they were relatively straightforward, with limited options for research and purchase.

As new tools and channels have emerged, they have created nonlinear ‘loopy journeys’ which can be challenging for businesses to predict. These journeys can be particularly complex and loopy, but many models still reflect these journeys in a simplified way.

The reality is quite different.


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