Young MCA | Hear from an Experienced Hire

Nana Baffoe

Clarity Consulting Associates

What did you do before you joined Clarity Consulting Associates and how does it differ from consulting?

My past career has had a main focus within the NHS.  Working within operational spaces within Acute Trusts and further down the line as a senior healthcare manager within NHS England and Improvement. I have also had the opportunity to gain experience of working across local and central Government.

In my role as a Manager, I lead and work with colleagues to deliver high quality results–consulting is a team sport.

What have you found is your greatest challenge being an experienced hire and how have you tried to overcome it?

Trying to do it all! I have managed to learn to juggle and prioritise my time whilst managing my workload.

What advice would you give to experienced hires starting off their careers in consulting?

To bring to the table your true authentic self. It is also helpful to meet as many team members during the start to learn the culture of the organisation. You will also be able to build relationships and can gain helpful tips for ways of working through shared learning.