Deloitte: Security Operations, the Central Nervous System of any Cyber Programme

by Deloitte

Organisations’ ability to detect and respond is behind the curve. We must be ready to evolve, understand the critical needs of the business and transform Security Operations into a proactive, intelligence led model.

Falling victim to a cyber-attack is a by-product of the fourth industrial revolution and is now a matter of when, not if it happens to your organisation. All of the preventative measures in the world will not stop a determined adversary from gaining access to an environment and what happens next could mean the difference between a swift and successful recovery or a prolonged period of business disruption, amongst other potential impacts.

As a consequence, your Security Operations team are now the crucial element in the earliest possible detection and launching a proportionate response, to a cyber-attack. Security Operations staff must be well organised, well equipped, and well trained to rapidly and effectively identify cyber security incidents and appropriately intervene in order to minimise the damage attackers might cause.

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