Elevating Your Digital Workforce: A View from Central Government

By North Highland

In the public sector, where resources can be limited but needs are often great, it’s critical to reimagine the way to secure top talent to keep up with today’s digital demands and pace of change. One sure-fire way to make an impact with existing and potential employees is to offer meaningful opportunities for career growth. This can be done by reorganising your structure according to similar skills and capabilities. As you reshape your organisational structure by profession, you must prioritise change management and get laser clear on the skills your workforce needs to create maximum value.

Organisations across industries must find innovative ways to attract and retain top talent, but the challenge is particularly acute in the public sector where, globally, governments are facing increased demands and heightened risk along with limited resources. One way to attract and retain top talent is to ensure that career progression opportunities are clear and available to all employees.

We’ve worked recently with central government clients in the U.K. to reshape their structure by profession—in essence, by grouping roles with similar skills and capabilities. This offers better learning opportunities, enables the sharing of best practices, and improves career opportunities. It also promotes a greater strategic focus and fosters collaboration, enabling leaders to effectively prioritise work and resources.

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