Day in the Life of a Young Consultant | Nicander White

Degree Apprentice Consultant


Whilst I was in college, I never really knew what career I wanted to explore. If anything, there seemed to be too many different options available. Although, one thing for sure is that I wanted to undertake an apprenticeship that had a key focus on people. The opportunity to gain an industry recognised BSc (Hons) Project Management Degree, whilst applying the theory and best practice of this course to my day-to-day role seemed like a no-brainer! And, as such I began my degree apprenticeship with Atkins and my journey into consultancy began.

I have always had a passion for technology and how it can be harnessed to transform the way businesses operate whilst unlocking value for clients. My passion for technology really kicked off when I volunteered at a local charity called “IT Schools Africa” which repairs and refurbishes old unwanted computers which are then sent off to schools in Africa. Being able to use a passion of mine to encourage the development of others and improve the way things are done has always played a key part in where I wanted to take my career. The current area in which I am working at Atkins around Digital Transformation fully encapsulates my passion for how business and technology can interact to make the world a better place!

I joined Atkins on the Apprentice Consultancy Development Programme in January 2021. This program blends learning from experience and a continually evolving development programme to give apprentice consultants the tools and opportunities to develop core and specialist consultancy skills.

It’s worth mentioning that I started virtually in the middle of the pandemic, and I was unsure how I could build effective working relationships in an online environment. However, the virtual induction that was organised by Atkins resolved my uncertainties. This meant I was able to hit the ground running on day one.

I am currently the Account Driver for Digital Transformation for one of Atkins’ clients. In this role, I am directly contributing to winning business around Digital Transformation.

In this role, I am fully immersed in business development and I support the growth of the account through a variety of different activities such as bid management, our internal governance and supporting key account planning processes. What particularly excites me about the role is that Digital Transformation is a key area of growth not just within the Atkins but also the working world!

We have had some great wins recently, including one bid I supported to provide a team to help the client draft their Cloud Policy. I have learnt so much from the wider team around me. My learning will not just help me in my day-to-day role but will have a positive influence on the rest of my career. At the heart of Digital Transformation are the people, who must have the skills and abilities to be able to successfully use innovative technologies and incorporate new ways of working. I love the people aspect of this role and being able to work collaboratively in such a forward-thinking area inspires me to seize opportunities daily.

The Atkins philosophy for early careers is that we are given the trust and flexibility to drive our development. As such, the Atkins culture and environment provide support and encouragement, allowing me to thrive in my career.  As I have said before, the people are at the heart of what I am doing, enabling me to develop and succeed.

Consulting is fast-paced, collaborative and always at the edge of new technologies and business trends. You are privileged to meet a large variety of clients and help solve their complex problems. But above all, your skills and confidence levels come hand in hand, and self-development is felt on a daily basis. This means the work is both exciting and rewarding.

If you are unsure which career to pursue, I strongly recommend giving consulting a go!