Ethnicity Pay Gap Report 2021

By PwC

PwC launch this report after they celebrated Black History Month, recognising the contributions and achievements of those with African or Caribbean heritage in every area of endeavour throughout the UK’s history. And they do so in the knowledge that over the last two decades, the working population in the UK has become increasingly diverse. Yet barriers remain, preventing people from different ethnic backgrounds from reaching their full potential. Individuals from different ethnic backgrounds are less likely to participate in, and progress through, the workplace than their White counterparts, and they are paid less, as this report highlights.

As we look towards a recovery from COVID-19, the public is increasingly aware of the disproportionate impact the pandemic has had on marginalised or overlooked groups in our society. There is a wealth of evidence demonstrating how ethnic minorities have experienced higher rates of unemployment, financial adversity and mental health struggles since the pandemic began.

To date, however, very little has been done to look at how the pay received by ethnic minorities compares to that of their White equivalents, despite repeated calls from industry bodies.

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