How UK CISOS Should Prepare for A New Era of Growth


In a climate where worldwide cyber risk is elevated and extended, the EY Global Information Security Survey 2021 (GISS) finds UK CISOs on high alert. As they attempt to confront the growing risk, they face challenges, both within their organisations and outside the company walls.

Against this backdrop, 43% of UK CISOs say that they have never felt as concerned as they do today about their ability to manage the cyber threat. Around half (47%) say that cybersecurity in their organisation is coming under more scrutiny today than at any other point in their careers.

No wonder, nearly three-quarters of CISOs worldwide (72%) report that their organisations have experienced an increased number of disruptive attacks over the past 12 months — and CISOs in the UK have suffered disproportionately. Indeed, 85% say that disruptive attacks have become more common.

If CISOs in the UK are to support their organisations’ growth ambitions, now is the time for them to address any weaknesses in their defences. To do so, this year’s GISS suggests that they need to focus on the following three core priorities:

  1. Build on boardroom influence
  2. Bear down harder on supply chain risk
  3. Take control in a fragmented compliance landscape

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