Good Growth for Cities

By PwC

Taking action on levelling up

As the pandemic loosens its grip on the UK, we are beginning to understand how it has exacerbated already deep-rooted inequalities in our society. The more we understand what drives these inequalities the better our prospects of securing a fair economic recovery for all.

The Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities report looks at how well positioned UK cities are for recovery and what steps the Government, businesses and local leaders can take together to drive Good Growth for all.


For the last decade, PwC’s annual Good Growth for Cities Index has measured the performance of cities and regions across the UK. It looks beyond economic indicators and focuses on additional measures of wellbeing, such as access to jobs, income, health, skills and work-life balance.

As in previous years, PwC asked the public to provide their views on the measures they think matter most. This year, there is a marked shift in public preferences and in recognition of this, they have refreshed their research approach.

Read their latest Good Growth report and explore the data on their website.