How can organisations optimise costs for public cloud platforms?

By Credera

Many organisations look for cost savings as a consequence of using the public cloud, so controlling cost is important to any business in the process of migrating to the cloud. As delivery teams’ decisions directly impact the costs of their services, they become responsible not only for operating their applications and services but also for playing a direct role in managing costs. With this in mind, moving to the cloud requires not only a technology shift but also a cultural shift to a more cost-conscious cloud culture within organisations.

In this article, Credera outline how companies can help manage and reduce costs when moving to the cloud.

Cost considerations when using the public cloud

Cost optimisation enables companies to save money that can then be re-invested in more valuable innovation. The key areas that we will be examining include:

  • Matching demand and pricing: Matching performance and capacity with correct pricing;
  • Cloud service model: Choosing the right “as a service model” (Iaas, Paas, or Saas);
  • Continuous cost improvement: Monitoring usage and costs and driving iterative improvements.

Demand matching

Different workloads and performance patterns map best to different pricing models. Here we consider workload patterns, and when it may be appropriate to move to reserved capacity, pay-as-you-go, or pre-emptible capacity pricing.

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