How digital twins will help companies to decarbonise


In one of its latest insights, Vendigital explains why the need for manufacturers to find ways to decrease energy consumption and decarbonise processes is a boardroom priority. Digital twins are data-driven virtual replicas of a physical asset, such as a product or factory, and are widely used to simulate scenarios to inform decision-making.

With calls for decarbonisation growing across industries and 46 per cent of manufacturing companies already implementing decarbonisation plans, this technology is a major lever that boards can use to gain greater insight into their business.

Scenario modelling can rapidly find efficient solutions with a higher chance of success compared to traditional real-world trial and error, whilst enabling the ability to de risk operations. This escape from trial and error is what makes digital twin technology stand out as a decarbonising superpower, with the ability to simplify processes in a cost-effective and high impact way, saving cost and time. According to Vendigital, however, while some industries have taken to digital twinning quickly, others have been slow to adopt this ground-breaking technology.

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