How can workers find their place in the green economy?


According to EY, the push towards a fossil-free and just, and fair transition will shape a new era of economic growth and a new jobs landscape. Governments must be poised to take a proactive role in ensuring a just green transition and a new era of jobs and growth. The importance of green jobs will increase, not only as a component of labor input, but also as a crucial factor for accomplishing the green transition process. This isn’t just about what jobs will disappear and which will be created. There are more fundamental issues at play. EY expands that  the future sustainability of the labor market will be crucial to delivering a just transition for all of society. In a dynamic framework where time is a critical variable, any shortages of human capital will delay the green transition process.

The new green jobs that will make the difference in reaching net-zero environmental ambitions will require a different skillset than those lost in fossil fuel-dependent industries.

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