How organisations that pivot to product outperform their peers by 4x


According to JCURV’s recent insight, the challenging economic climate looks like it might be with us until at least 2026. Customers are holding onto their money. Organisations need to be able to respond more quickly to shifts in consumer demand and economic conditions and allocate resources more effectively to drive cost efficiencies.

Moving to a product-centric operating model, in which teams are aligned to specific products, is a key enabler of agility. Adopting this model can lead to better competitiveness and sustained growth. The 2023 State of Value Stream Management Report found that organisations that have pivoted to a product-centric operating model and have aligned their people to value streams are outperforming their peers by 4×1.

What are the important ingredients that distinguish a product-centric organisation design from a traditional organisation design? In JCUR’s experience there are 4 key distinguishing features to a product-centric organisation design.

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