In their recent report, Akerlof looks into construction industry as being pivotal to global development, contributing significantly to economic growth and infrastructure. However, its environmental footprint is staggering with 25% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions attributable to the built environment.

The annual embodied carbon emissions stemming from the construction, maintenance, and demolition of buildings equates to 40-50 million tonnes of CO2 – more than emissions from aviation and shipping combined. For the UK to honour its 2030 COP26 commitments or its legally  binding net zero by 2050 target, a substantial reduction in these emissions is a necessity.

To evaluate the industry’s trajectory, Akerlof has reviewed the top 30 UK Tier 1 contractors, evaluating their carbon maturity through comparative analysis using publicly available information such as carbon reduction plans, and annual accounts (predominantly from 2022).

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