How play and experimentation in digital playgrounds can drive human performance


According to Deloitte’s recent insights, a digital playground is not a singular place or virtual platform. Rather, it’s a mindset and an approach in which technologies are curated with intention and opportunities to use them are democratized. It’s a safe space for workers to build confidence, learn new skills, and hone their human capabilities. Safety in this context refers to psychological safety—where individuals do not risk punishment or humiliation for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes, and where they are safe to take interpersonal risks. It also refers to spaces where workers can experiment with new processes and technologies without putting business outcomes at risk.

Deloitte explains further that digital playgrounds can be expansive and include the opportunity to experiment with existing as well as emerging technologies. For example, physically demanding job sites in industries like shipping, construction, and natural resources are already combining technologies such as analytics, sensors, drones, digital models, IoT, edge computing, and extended reality (XR) technology to help workers operate more efficiently. Augmented extended reality (XR) and virtual extended reality (XR) technologies are providing workers with personalized, data-rich environments to engage with new skills and situations safely, or to collaborate better given complex task barriers such as geographic distance or lack of common language. Generative AI sandboxes are providing workers at every level of organizations with a safe space to imagine new combinations of AI and human work.


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