How To Build A Robust Data Culture In Your Business


Data has the potential to transform the businesses. But extracting and applying its true value requires more than data literacy; building and embedding a strong data culture is essential for long-term success.

Without one, the large investments one is making into your data technology risk being wasted and the potential benefits left unrealised. Education is no longer enough, the organisational teams need to understand the data and actively lean in.

However, building the foundational behaviours and processes that form organisations’ data culture is complex and JCURV understand that. It feels hard, and is a tough sell when budgets are tight, it seems much easier and safer to invest in tech, which often comes with a shiny sales deck from the supplier, complete with ‘dazzling’ ROI figures.

But JCURV have seen the bottom-line benefits that investing in data culture can bring to organisations, and how it can transform businesses quickly and for surprisingly little cost.

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