How to overcome friction between multiple agile teams


In this two-part blog series, Credera will explore two common sources of friction they see in organisations that have multiple agile squads set up. This friction may undermine the benefits of enabling agility across the organisation and requires coaching effort to resolve.

Common causes of friction:

  • Agile but siloed teams
  • Front-end focused product ownership

This blog will focus on the first of these – agile but siloed teams

Credera notes that in the following example, they are not referring to specialised teams providing underlying infrastructure provisioning, framework building, or other enabling aspects. With that in mind, let’s imagine an organisation where several squads within technology have a high level of maturity in agile methods. In this scenario, the squads are executing Scrum and/or Kanban, learning and improving as they work. These teams are organised and delivering within one technology abstraction layer, as often occurs in larger organisations (e.g. business service APIs, or micro front-end components). Each team is individually running in a self-organising, end-to-end manner (including quality assurance activities, and maybe a DevOps approach, alongside the pure development skills). As each is aligned to a particular part of the technology landscape, they also have a clear ‘boundary’ of responsibility, knowledge, and required skills.

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