How to overcome friction between multiple agile teams


This is the second blog in a two-part series which considers the main friction points for organisations who have embraced agile ways of working with multiple agile squads.

In the first blog, Credera identified the following two situations as common causes of friction where multiple agile teams are concerned and provided a solution to the first. As a reminder, these were:

  • Agile but siloed teams: Squads of teams aligned around technology abstraction layers that are using agile delivery methods, but are siloed in their approach to end-to-end outcomes
  • Front-end focused product ownership: Individuals in product owner roles tend not to own the end-to-end outcome but focus mainly on design aspects. This is likely due to their skillset and level of comfort working in more technical areas

In this blog, Credera will be delving into the challenges presented by a front-end focus in product ownership.


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