No-Nonsense Sustainability


How to secure finance, talent and customers in the earth-first economy.

The forces at play

While world leaders at COP26 haggled over measures to keep their economies on track to meet Paris Agreement targets, businesses were already being driven by a trio of forces outstripping the power of any legislation, past or future. Those forces are their stakeholders: employees, investors and customers. These groups, rather than government regulations, will power the shift to sustainable business models. Whether due to enlightened self-interest or market forces, business leaders are being moved to respond.

In the stakeholder-centric model, environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns are overtaking the profit motive. Employees, customers and investors want to see businesses active in preserving the planet for future generations, not exploitation. Failure to pursue net zero and address the climate crisis in the near future will see companies fail, as they lose the war for talent, the ability to access investments, and customers. The ones that win will be those that embrace the opportunities presented by climate change, and think in terms of Participation, Proof and Promotion when considering their sustainability agenda.


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