Prioritising digital accessibility


This paper is the final in DWG’s Inclusive Digital Workplace series. The series comprises three papers covering the themes of: creating an inclusive digital workplace; considering the ethics involved in delivering digital services; and aspects of accessibility at the heart of an inclusive approach.

This paper looks to help digital workplace teams prioritise digital accessibility within their work. As an essential first step towards that, DWG starts by understanding disabilities and the role of accessibility in removing environmental, systemic and attitudinal barriers to participation. It is deliberate to centre disabled experiences in this way as, while accessibility does indeed benefit everyone, it is important not to zoom out so far as to lose sight of how accessibility benefits this specific group.

They then move on to explore what digital accessibility is and present some considerations for digital workplace teams who are starting to prioritise accessibility. Finally, DWG finishes with an interview with MassMutual’s Digital Communications team, who have not only worked to embed a focus on accessibility within their work, but also have a mindset of continuous learning.

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