Research evidences significant support for Climate Disclosures in the Banking industry

by BSC Consulting

In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has launched the government’s Ten Point Plan on climate, aiming to mobilise £12 billion of government investment in the UK to create up to 250,000 jobs. This is a big year of climate leadership for the UK as Glasgow hosts the United Nations Conference of Parties on Climate Change, known as COP26, in November. We can expect more action to tackle climate change from the UK government in the run-up to this landmark event, including measures that will impact the banking industry.

BCS Consulting has produced its second analysis of the implementation of the reporting framework outlined by the voluntary Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) in the banking sector. The framework was created by the Financial Stability Board to develop consistent climate-related financial disclosures for organisations globally in 2017, with the aim of helping investors, lenders, and insurance underwriters improve their understanding and analysis of climate-related risks and opportunities.

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