Rigour versus Tempo: Project discipline in a dynamic world

Rigour in programmes, projects and portfolios is about discipline to principles, processes and structure.  Discipline can be found in many forms in people, from individuals (self), through teams, and up to whole organisations. It depends on the culture and is often driven by external political, legal or societal norms.

This discipline can often be perceived as the antithesis to flexibility and agility when a high tempo is required.  A high tempo can be effective in addressing dynamic project environments – it is the rate that changes can be made within a project or the frequency that the project reflects, plans and adjusts according to the results of the preceding interval.

This short paper reviews some of the underlying issues and briefly explores a few examples of approaches that can be used to address the challenges, drawing on lessons from actual programmes.  It is part of a developing series that explores different tensions and is aimed at provoking thought, debate and consideration when designing or executing programmes and projects.

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