The Future of the European Tech Sector, 2030

Technology and humanity are growing increasingly symbiotic. Today, technology is critical to companies and countries alike, able to transform industries and galvanise economies.

But the global tech landscape is changing. China and the US are home to the tech giants, with the five biggest all headquartered outside Europe. Does this mean Europe’s influence in the global tech space waning, along with its market share?

Europe faces an uphill battle against strict regulation and a market that is politically and culturally fragmented. But it can’t afford to be a bystander. Can it find its pioneering spirit and make the most of the growing demand for digital transformation and innovation?

We believe that by working together, by sharing the latest insights and ideas, we can help shape the future of the European tech sector. It’s why we’re uniting tech experts and business leaders to spur innovation across the continent. Welcome to the Technoverse.

How will the European tech sector develop until 2030?

Over the coming years, a growing number of economic, technological and socio-political developments will provide both significant opportunities and demanding obstacles for European tech firms.

Should they prioritise the development of certain technologies? Is more capital really the answer to achieving scale? And what does the future of the European tech sector really look like?

It’s impossible to know what the future holds. But through a combination of trend mapping, in-depth interviews with industry experts, and hours of tech workshops, we’ve brought four possible futures to life, showing how the European tech sector might look in 2030. Each one is fictional, but each one is possible.

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