Six traits for competitive advantage in a post-covid world

By Gobeyond

High inflation, labour and talent shortages, the “great resignation”, supply chain disruption, cyber and security risks, and continued uncertainty are just some of the concerns and considerations that businesses of all sizes are facing currently. Many of these issues are not new, but most now have added complexity as a direct result of the pandemic. As a result, business leaders need to be prepared, but most importantly they need to be thoughtful and human in their response.

In an article at the beginning of the pandemic, we articulated seven clear phases of crisis. If we take the optimistic view that the UK, and indeed much of the developed world, is moving from pandemic to an endemic situation, then leaders will now be considering the future and imagining success in our new reality. It is likely therefore that many organisations are now nearing – or in – the final phase. We previously described this phase as crisis future-proofing.

Perhaps one of the most positive by-products of the pandemic has been the fact that it has forced organisations to innovate and transform at a faster rate than they had previously thought possible. In order to do this, many firms shifted to a mindset that is at the very heart of crisis futureproofing and one which we will reflect upon in this paper.

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