Talent sourcing and strategy – why organisations are looking to talent management platforms


As the economy rebounds, organisations are racing against the clock to consider their revised talent strategy . For many, the long-anticipated ‘seismic shifts’ have already arrived – employee expectations have changed and the thought of being in the office 9-5, five days a week feels like a distant memory. Added to that, the pandemic has provided the necessary space for self-reflection with many employees asking themselves “how do I really feel about what I’m doing?”.

It is no wonder then that business and HR leaders are left scratching their heads. Almost all organisations are rethinking the workforce in one way or another to respond to the changing nature of tasks and work to be done. With greater flexibility in the hands of employees and a fundamental need to rethink the nature of work, there comes a seemingly paralysing question on both sides of the hiring equation – how to best capitalise on this opportunity?

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