The business perspective on levelling up


Through the current turbulence and uncertainty in Whitehall, whatever shape Government takes in the future, the social and economic drivers behind levelling up will continue to demand the attention of policymakers and businesses alike. The loudest discussions around levelling up are dominated by public sector voices, but how does the private sector feel about this flagship agenda, and what does this opinion mean for local and central government stakeholders?

Our latest Business Outlook Tracker surveyed over 600 mid-market business leaders across the UK to gauge their understanding, interest and find out where their priorities lie – here is what we learned.

Our survey says…

Business leaders overwhelmingly supportive

The message is clear, with business leaders answering that when it comes to the Government’s levelling up agenda they:

  • Understand what the government is trying to achieve (70%)
  • Think it will help their local region (68%)
  • Believe it will support local businesses (72%)
  • See themselves playing an important role in its delivery (73%)

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