Which brands are the UK’s most loved?


We are delighted to introduce Savanta’s Top 100 Most Loved Brands report – a recognition and celebration of the most emotively connected brands in 2022.

We’ve canvassed over 200,000 UK adults on their feelings towards more than 2,000 brands. We’ve used the results to bring together a list of the most loved top 100 brands which have truly captured the hearts of the UK public.

With the COVID-19 crisis now under control, we celebrate the brands that are there for us through the good times and the bad. Our favourite brands are emotionally tuned-in to our changing needs – they are high-quality companions during periods of calm, lending a helping hand in times of need.

A year on from the last of the lockdowns and social distance restrictions, there have been signs of our old lives returning. We’ve been back to the workplace, shopping, catching up with friends and family, and eating out (no longer to ‘help out’).


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