The Metaverse & Luxury Fashion


In just a few months, Web3 has become a major topic for retailers, especially fashion and luxury brands. Beyond the buzzwords, brands are positioning themselves in relation to structural changes such as NFTs and the Metaverse. It is also a new economic system that is being put in place, mixing new technologies (Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc.) and a new version of the Web, more decentralized and community-based.

Beyond the technological aspect, this community facet of Web3 is transforming brand-consumer relationships, enabling the creation or reinforcement of strong loyalty, through enriched and innovative omnichannel strategies.

We are convinced that beyond the experiments already carried out by some luxury brands, Web3 will quickly become a new space for exchanges and monetization, in which consumers will be able to interact with brands in an uninterrupted way between the physical and digital worlds.

A whitepaper to help luxury brands understand and implement a Web3 strategy
To help luxury brands better understand these new opportunities and implement a long-term Web3 strategy, SiaXperience, METAV.RS and the Hub Institute have joined forces to produce this white paper.

Beyond the definitions and the explanation of the main Web3 use cases for luxury brands, this white paper aims to serve as a playbook for brands that are looking to build their Web3 strategy or to structure the steps following their first experiments in this universe.


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