Successful organizations are built on a resilient workforce


BearingPoint’s proprietary resilience benchmarking tool reveals that 60% of 150 leading organizations analyzed have already built a resilient workforce to empower their people to navigate waves of change and disruption and to deal with crises.

Amsterdam, July 21, 2022 – Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint has created a deep-dive study on enabling people to manage and embrace change to drive organizational success. “Powered by the people,” the second of five companion pieces to the 2021 “Can you thrive under pressure” study, analyzed over 5,000 projects to rank 150 leading resilient organizations. BearingPoint has also created a resilience benchmarking tool that enables any organization to assess its alignment with the five fundamental pillars of resilience.

BearingPoint’s proprietary benchmarking tool shows that most organizations understand that success is based on empowering their people for change. Yet only 60% of organizations considered their people to be fully resilient. However, the study also concludes that even these organizations cannot afford to be complacent.


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