The Revenge Traveller is Here to Stay

By Simon Kucher

Has the summer been saved? As leisure travellers enthusiastically move ahead with their vacation plans, we look at how the pandemic has changed customer needs and preferences and will continue to influence travel plans throughout 2021. Read the results of our global Travel Trends 2021 study here!

The Revenge Traveller is here to stay – Simon Kucher’s global Travel Trends 2021 study shows that 45 percent of consumers want to travel more than prior to the pandemic. And that’s not the only good news for the industry. Those who are planning a break for this summer and the years ahead are also willing to spend more in the holidays!

The travel revival is already unfolding and is evident in our study results: 30 percent of those surveyed have already booked their summer 2021 getaway. Other leisure travellers are still planning to book a vacation for this summer and beyond, with 32 percent intending to book more at short notice.

So what makes the revenge traveller tick? And what will this pent-up travel demand look like in reality? Based on the results of Simon Kucher ‘s study, they identified three key trends that will impact the travel industry in the months and years ahead:

  • Staycations and domestic travel are here to stay
  • “Workations” gain popularity thanks to remote working
  • Revenge travellers are revenge spenders

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