A Complete Guide to Sales Success

By Huthwaite International

Based on extensive observational research and analysis of sales behaviours, SPIN selling enables salespeople to acquire a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs, build a persuasive case around specific problems and provide effective solutions. Created and developed here at Huthwaite International, SPIN Selling continues to be one of the most iconic and widely used sales methodologies across the globe – crossing cultural boundaries and evolving with changing customer behaviour.

As the creators of SPIN Selling, in this guide, they’ll explain everything you need to know about this timeless approach to sales success.

What is SPIN Selling?

Although customer behaviours have changed over the years and are always evolving, SPIN Selling continues to be the most iconic and revered sales methodology in the world – used by 30% of the top 100 biggest companies in the world (Forbes), as well as smaller organisations who find SPIN equally accessible and supportive for their sales teams.

Over the past four decades, SPIN selling has proven to be the most effective way to improve sales success and deliver bottom-line results. But before we get into the specifics of how SPIN selling works, let’s first establish the fundamentals – what SPIN selling actually is, and why it was developed.

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