The role of digital technology in the energy transition


In one of its latest insights, Baringa analyses how because of the new energy systems, new value streams are emerging. For example, to produce and bring to market green hydrogen or to capture and storecarbon. Whereas in existing industries the imperative is to decarbonise and reduce emissions.

For new value streams, Baringa says we can make them ‘digital by default’. Creating connected and transparent digital foundations to help us operate and optimise the flow of activity.

In existing businesses, the imperative is on decarbonisation and emissions reduction. The World Economic Forum have stated that digital solutions can reduce global emissions by 20%.

Baringa also taps into the medium-term, asset planning digital twins are helping operators model the expected emissions improvements on existing facilities along with the investment costs of different modification options. Their clients are also starting to use digital twins to optimise the energy efficiency of processes..

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