Enterprises need generative AI tailored to their unique needs


According to IBM Consulting, in less than a year, we’ve gone from the “run your business and apply AI to help” paradigm to a reality where enterprises in every industry are navigating how to embed AI into the fabric of their strategies. Generative AI based on foundation models has brought us to this inflection point. The new research from IBM’s Institute for Business Value CEO study found three out of four (75%) CEOs surveyed believe the organisation with the most advanced generative AI wins, and 43% of responding CEOs say their enterprises are already using generative AI to inform strategic decisions.

IBM Consulting also points out that in the past, scaling and operationalizing AI has been challenging for organisations. According to a Gartner® press release, “The Gartner survey revealed that on average, 54% of AI projects make it from pilot to production.” Enterprises need transformation partners with the right expertise and capabilities to help them on their paths.

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