The ‘S’ in ESG – Thinking ‘social’ and engaging your people


In a blog, Gate One shares their findings from their recent work with a sustainability charity on a strategic business case to understand whether to invest time, resource and funding to commercialise and scale one of their environmental initiatives. Having these opportunities available for our people contributes to protecting our planet, while simultaneously allowing us to deliver truly purposeful work.

Companies commonly refer to their ESG strategy or framework, but this is typically focussed on environmental and governance issues (due to regulatory pressures), with the social element often overlooked. Regulations in social issues are less developed, with the data harder to measure and quantify. As documented by Gate One’s  annual Meaningful Brands survey, 59% of people would stop buying from companies that don’t respect the planet or society. A combination of this changing consumer sentiment plus increasing regulatory requirements mean more businesses are starting to realise that social issues are also an important part of their sustainability strategy.

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