Sustainability regulation outlook 2024


According to Deloitte’s insights, to respond to climate change, European companies need to transform their business models and operations. Regulations play a key role in driving this change and shaping the market. In 2024, several sustainability regulations will come into effect and the EU Parliament elections will set the course for future policies.

Deloitte’s Sustainability Regulation Outlook helps you navigate the regulatory landscape and prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead. The EU’s response to the imperative on climate begins with enhanced sustainability reporting and the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). For most companies, work remains to be done to meet new reporting requirements in full. What is more, sustainability reporting sits at the heart of the EU’s green strategy and the information companies need to disclose draws on data and activities across the organisation. CSRD can be exploited to generate change and efficiencies across other regulatory-driven developments. Beyond reporting requirements, Deloitte’s outlook highlights four themes for companies to focus on this year.

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