Unpacking the biggest questions around AI adoption


In their blog, AtkinsRéalis looks into some of the biggest questions around AI adoption and breaks the answers down.

As AI is predicted to transform the industry, Gartner has predicted that AI will be able to complete 80% of project management work by 2030, giving those companies that can adapt and leverage it an enormous competitive edge. Global investment in infrastructure is rising, with $130 trillion predicted to flow into decarbonisation and infrastructure renewal projects by 2027. And investment in Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) tech is also rising fast, with $50 billion invested between 2020 and 2022 – an 85% increase on the previous three years.

With change on the horizon, AtkinsRéalis dives into the questions that need answering to help ensure we can make the most of this boom and adopt AI as effectively as possible.

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