Mason Advisory: What next for IT? Five strategic lessons for the post-Covid reality

by Mason Advisory

Concluding our series of articles on the post-Covid reality, we explore five common themes that should be considered across the end user and broader IT strategy, with lessons that can be applied by IT and business leaders now to tackle challenges and embrace opportunities in the future.

The global pandemic has hit the business world in a way not previously seen in our lifetimes. During the first half of 2020, organisations have been in an unnerving position as they struggle to keep things moving, while safeguarding workforces, supply chains and customers against a real and immediate threat.

As we enter Q3 2020, the outlook is shifting. The remote working revolution has enabled many companies to survive the storm, with IT at the front end of the emergency response. Now, businesses are starting to look forward, using lessons learned from the unimaginable to reimagine what the future of work might look like.

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