Why a cash-conscious culture holds the key to resilience in tough economic times


Do you understand the risks that you can afford to take and the stress points where more urgent action may be required? By prioritising this will you be more able to absorb shocks and volatility and prepare for growth?

These are very real and pressing issues right now.

Businesses are being squeezed as salaries, interest rates and energy and material costs go up, but payments and price rises can’t be pushed through quick enough to keep pace.

And the turmoil and its knock-on effects can be felt right through the value chain. On top of the supply chain disruption emanating from material shortages and geopolitical upheaval, many businesses now find themselves having to step in to support suppliers at risk of going under or paying many times the normal price for shipping. The delays and disruption are spurring many companies to hold more stock in reserve, which only adds to the gap between cash-in and cash-out.

The challenges are heightened by the uncertainties ahead. We’ve seen the destabilising impact of the Ukraine war. What further threats could emerge to put your ability to meet payment obligations in jeopardy?


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