Why ‘connectedness’ is vital to achieve personalisation and a single view of the customer

By Credera

Connected Experience is how the organisation connects with their end customer and provides tailored engagement. Dynamic customer profiling can be utilised to derive robust customer insights and omnichannel activation via owned and paid marketing channels. This drives personalised customer engagement and conversion and it is the area in which most marketing organisations are investing significant time and money.

However, it requires a single view where all touch points are unified to produce a ‘golden record’ of all data points for a given customer. This single view can only come from having ‘Connected Insights’ across the organisation’s data.

The new model will need to combine increasing delivery complexity with local data on patients and populations to demonstrate public value – outcome-based payments.

Connected Insights

Customer data is the fuel for providing remarkable experiences. However, most marketers lack the unified view of their customer that is necessary to optimise these experiences. This holistic, consolidated view stitches together all applicable first and third-party customer data sources and it is here that the first challenge within organisations normally occurs. Data silos, with disparate data ownership, represent major barriers to obtaining a unified view.

Data silos are not necessarily bad in themselves and can support analysis of, and focus on, specific business opportunities. When unconnected, however, they can encourage behaviours that are beneficial only to owners and are often not in the best interest of the overall business or its customers. Breaking down silos and giving access to data means that you will get much more exciting and innovative customer experiences.

As an example, we can look at how Hilton hotels uses data. In 2018, they introduced digital keys in some of their hotels, removing the wait time at receptions. This also enabled the company to collect data on their customers’ preferences in the hotel, from their thermostat proclivity to their room service orders, whilst allowing Hilton to receive real-time feedback. This information is made available, not just as conceptual data harvested from an application for the data team, but for all customer service representatives around the hotel. It allowed for Hilton to offer a more personalised service to their guests during their stay.

Unconnected and incompatible IT systems are one of the root causes of data silos, and unnecessarily so. Leveraging APIs and API-led connectivity to future-proof your IT infrastructure is the path to Connected Technology.

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