Why MRMs fail and how to prevent it


In their blog, Credera shares what Marketing Resource Management (MRM) is. MRM is a set of software tools that help an organisation manage their information – content, processes, projects, operations, and workflows – in one place. They were first brought to market in the 90s as project management software, but have since evolved to a much broader remit. Today, they’re a fundamental part of a CMO’s tech stack. With a CAGR of 10.9%, MRMs are increasingly being used by the biggest brands to standardise how they deliver communications and optimise their marketing operations.

Credera shares its insight on why are they proving to be so popular? They say it’s simple – the current marketing team has more channels, content, and partners to work with than ever before. Keeping on top of that complexity and still being able to feed content-hungry marketing channels is essential. An MRM can be an attractive way to organise the chaos. It helps bring cross-functional teams together in a standardised and hopefully repeatable marketing delivery process.

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