Enfuse Group

I’ve been a consultant with Enfuse Group for roughly 3 years since graduating from Exeter University in 2020 and having the very original idea of moving to West London.

I like to get my steps in and work from the office as much as possible (both for free coffee and social interaction) so my day normally starts with a commute on the District Line and a bustle through the crowds to get to the office.

Alongside the classic inbox-clearing and day-planning, my working day is always kicked-off with an all company daily Stand-Up call. The team is growing rapidly so this is a good chance to catch up with people you might not work with on a daily basis and to welcome any new faces.

During my time at Enfuse Group I’ve worked on a number of different project types across clients in the Retail, Tech, and Life Sciences sectors. I’ve really enjoyed this diversity as it’s given me the opportunity to develop a well-rounded collection of skills and accreditations.

I’m currently in a Delivery role for a new client (which takes up the majority of my day) and there’s lots included with this including facilitating calls with stakeholders to explain the project initiative and working with them to utilise the deliverables we’ve introduced. I’m responsible for the governance of a portfolio of roughly 20 of the client’s projects and I collate and challenge project information for each of these on a monthly basis.

Being part of a rapidly growing company means there’s lots of opportunities to get involved with internal projects. A passion project of mine is enhancing Enfuse’s Data Capability and doing some brainstorming via colourful post-it notes on Miro.

One of my internal tasks is to plan a potential roundtable with one of our partners (a company we work with to provide additional products/services to our clients). I’m a Partner Lead at Enfuse and this has given me great insight into the sales and contract side of things, so I’m learning lots.

Once a fortnight I have a call with one of our directors Mark, where we talk about my personal development.

As everyone says, each day is totally different. I got into this industry because I enjoy problem solving and working with lots of different people. For anyone starting out, I would recommend getting involved in internal initiatives to grow your firm as you will pick up skills and rapidly build a holistic understanding of the inner workings of the business.