Best New Consultancy Finalist 2019 Corporate Punk

Corporate Punk is reimagining management consulting to better meet the challenges of the age of disruption. This means helping corporates including Sony, the BBC, Adidas, and KPMG, and some of Europe’s fastest growing scale-ups, to develop impact cultures – a process which revolutionises productivity, creativity, and growth.

We founded Corporate Punk to answer this question: why do some businesses bring out the best in intelligent, creative people, while others just crush them? The business was borne of three insights which have shaped what we do for clients:

Insight 1. Most businesses are asking the wrong questions due to traditional research revealing only what people say they think and feel, not what they actually do. Even individual psychometrics fail to predict how complex systems interact.

So, we use innovative organisational psychology to profile employees’ non-conscious thoughts and feelings about their culture.

Insight 2. Most clients struggle to prioritise tasks in order to drive change – and most management consultants don’t offer a perspective that is sufficiently broad or people-focused to help.

So, we offer a multidisciplinary approach, blending organisational design, process engineering, leadership development and team training and coaching.

Insight 3. Lifting people up and out of their own business doesn’t work; business-as-usual ends up biting back.

So, we only work with clients on real business problems, driving culture change through live projects.

And it works. Culture change is not new, but few culture change firms can claim to have driven tangible business transformation. Here are just some of our results:

● Revenue growth for a PE-backed global life sciences firm: now two years ahead of target
● Profitability in a healthcare firm: from 2% to 32% in 7 months
● A new proposition, delivering £2M+ of revenue in 18 months

A remarkable 87% of our clients return to us after we’ve helped to solve their first problem. From small initial projects, our average client relationship spans 12-18 months. Our business is three years old; has doubled in size every year; and employs consultants all over the UK.

And we’re far from done. Phil Lewis, founder and MD: “We won’t rest until the business world wakes up to the fact that culture change is not a fringe task with uncertain benefits. We want to take the fight to management consulting, and show the industry how a more people- and innovation-focused consulting approach can deliver outstanding commercial results.”