Best New Consultancy Finalist 2019 Coeus Consulting

Today, businesses in every industry have a choice: disrupt, or be disrupted.

Since its foundation in 2013, Coeus Consulting has consistently empowered IT leaders with the strategies, methodologies and technologies (from SaaS to Robotic Process Automation) they need to own such rapid change.

But by combining the deep knowledge and experience of a much larger consultancy with the flexibility and close collaboration of a smaller firm, Coeus has also become a disruptor in its own right.

Every consultant Coeus hires has at least 7-8 years relevant experience, as well as strong analytical and relationship-building skills. Instead of junior consultants working from a playbook, clients always meet seasoned professionals with the confidence to ask challenging questions, the experience to rethink established methodologies, and the commitment to stand side-by-side with them throughout programme execution.

Coeus has also taken a proactive approach to developing its company culture – capitalising on its relatively small size to involve everyone in defining its core commitments, including keeping quality at the heart of everything, and being easy to do business with.

Through such efforts, and by letting consultants focus on their areas of personal interest within the company’s dedicated centres of excellence, Coeus currently has a 97% staff retention rate.

Crucially, Coeus practises the game-changing technology principles it preaches. Its unique business model takes full advantage of cloud infrastructure to keep costs low and processes light, and facilitate the constant gathering and sharing of knowledge.

As the company evolves the Board are committed to becoming even more client-centric, constantly reviewing strategic direction and capabilities against the changing needs of clients through initiatives such as in-depth interviews, workshops and an annual survey. This fresh approach to IT consultancy has seen Coeus grow from a three consultant, £0.6m company to a 30 consultant, £6.9m company in just five years.

In this short time, it’s delivered projects for clients including E.ON, Heineken and Kwik Fit, and forged a host of deep, ongoing relationships – leading to a repeat business rate of 88%