Best New Consultancy Finalist 2019 NECS Consultancy

NECS Consultancy is different. Created in 2015, we are wholly owned by the NHS and independently run as a commercially sustainable consultancy practice. We offer consulting services to health and social care organisations. We work with executive teams across health economies to help them achieve their goals, to create real sustainable change and fundamentally improve services. 

As a public sector organisation we have little flexibility in applying monetary rewards. We have strict policies for expenditure, including travel and accommodation. To attract the best talent and deliver the greatest value, we have taken a more innovative and disruptive approach towards our operating model. We have turned these constraints into our greatest assets; ensuring our values of client focus and happy and fulfilling workplace are at the heart of what we do.  

Our growth has followed a strategic plan to create a regional structure with regionally focussed consultancy teams, to achieve the following: 

  • A workforce personally invested  
  • Working towards improving the health of their region 
  • Clients receiving consistency in resources  
  • Enables long term relationships to be created 
  • Attracting those passionate about consultancy but require a more flexible working arrangement 
  • A competitive costing model with minimal expenses to clients  
  • Reduction in travel and accommodation costs from working regionally

This has helped us to achieve a positive workforce, and a series of clients who are invested in NECS Consultancy and directly with their local team. 

NECS Consultancy began as a small team in the North East, focussed on clients in the local area. Our mission was to unleash exceptional talent and technical capability to find solutions to our clients’ most challenging problems. Over the last three years we have grown in size, geographical reach and breadth. Today we have five regional offices situated in Cambridge, Leicester, Yorkshire and Manchester. 

To date we have delivered diverse set of consultancy projects ranging from:  

  • large-scale transformation programmes 
  • support for merger of organisations 
  • Cost reduction 
  • workforce modelling 
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis 
  • system diagnostic and delivery programmes
  • Design and implementing Target Operating Model

Delivery excellence maintains our growth and enhances our reputation with our clients. Our approach is always to build a collaborative and respectful rapport with client teams. We have own methodology and approach for delivery, however we look to augment this to align with each client. This enables a greater success in embedding the change from our intervention as it is not in conflict with client cultures and internal processes. We target to achieve a value return of 4-6 times our cost to our clients. 

We have created a commercially sustainable organisation which focusses on client value without a competing priority for maximising profitability. This subtle but important shift enables us to provide a greater level of flexibility. Our workforce is personally invested with the clients in the region. Their work-life balance is intrinsically linked to ensuring our clients wish to repeatedly use our services. Their work has a direct impact on the health services, they themselves, their families and their friends will access. 

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