Chris Twigg, Inner Circle Consulting

Outstanding achievement? Look no further.  

It’s not a statement that I make lightly. I’m by nature reserved and prefer for the people with whom I work, particularly my clients and staff, to take centre stage. I understand though that to have the greatest impact on my clients, my company and the wider industry I require unquestionable credibility and this award would go further still to demonstrate this. 

Why do I think that am an outstanding achiever?  

Well, I’ve founded and grown a multi awardwinning consultancy from scratch to a 40 strong organisation in less than 10 years. I have repeatedly set new national standards in fields beyond the limits of my experience and my academic and professional qualifications. These fields include some of the most important to the UK today including innovative housing solutions for older people, life sciences clusters, public service reform and regional infrastructure to supercharge economic growth.  

I have an unwavering commitment to the principles of Consulting Excellence. My clientback up my claims of excellence and demonstrate my personal impact on the most senior people in those organisations. As James Palmer, Mayor for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough said “..Chris is very straight forward, intelligent, pragmatic and effective. He provided officer leadership and an exceptional client focus that created the conditions for strong collaborative working across all the key stakeholders. In March 2019, the CPCA board unanimously approved all 12 transport projects, including the £2B Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro. A tangible demonstration of the work of Chris and the team in bringing everyone together”. 

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