Consulting Excellence Finalist 2019 Crimson & Co

Crimson & Co is a global management consultancy that specialises in operations transformation. We use our expertise in supply chain, shared services and digital to help clients achieve their strategic and operational objectives, working together to transform their businesses. In 2018, Crimson & Co and Argon Consulting merged, creating a new group with offices in London, Paris, Atlanta, Singapore, Melbourne and Mumbai.

Our objective is to deliver the highest standard of client service in supply chain and operations, with staff who have in-depth experience at blue-chip companies, but who are personable with challenge where needed.

We welcome the MCA’s focus on consulting excellence, which is aligned with Crimson & Co’s own core values. We measure this through an independent client feedback programme to understand our clients’ experience of working with us, what we do well, what they would like to see more of, and where we can improve. A key element of this is our Net Promoter Score, which has increased significantly over the past 18 months.

Our innovative transformation approach is a fundamental shift in the way business transformation projects are addressed. It is an all-encompassing framework that achieves better results for clients, faster and with lower risk, by ensuring that the right transformation decisions are made at the right times by the right people and the business has the ability and mindset to deliver the changes.

The approach has involved the development of a significant amount of material, a global rollout and a communications and client deployment programme. As a result, our clients achieve better long-term outcomes, both on the project and within their businesses in general.

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