Gyula Törzsök, Inner Circle Consulting

For me being a consultant is not only a title, it’s a huge responsibility and success is delivering on my promises. I do this through early engagement with stakeholders, understanding and tackling complex issues and teaching my clients how they can benefit from and understand data better. I have been a consultant at Inner Circle Consulting for one and a half years, acting as an advisor and trusted by my clients.  

I have worked on many public sector projects. This has allowed me to create value for councils across the UK. The key projects which showcase the impact I have made to my clients are 

  • North Yorkshire’s One Public Estate Programme (OPE) where I acted as an adviser. Within a year the partnership has become a national example of what can be achieved through public sector collaboration. 
  • secured £285,000 funding, which is being used to deliver additional public sector co-location projects. 
  • I am also particularly proud of a tool I developed for East Cambridgeshire District Council, which helps the council to track the impact of their investments and make better decisions to increase economic growth. 
  • Currently it is helping Cornwall Council understand the social infrastructure requirements of 3,000 homes. 

I believe in the power of data and I am in a unique position to educate and advise councils; helping them to bring their decision-making process to the next level by utilising all the insights around them. 

I’m a Rising star; showcasing excellence and impact. 

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