Phil Lewis, Corporate Punk

Innovation Consultant of the Year Finalist 2019

Through his firm, Corporate Punk, Phil Lewis is reimagining management consulting to meet the challenges of the age of disruption. Corporate Punk is an expression of Phil’s career-long mission to find innovative new ways of thinking and working with one aim: enable people to perform at their absolute best, each and every day.

This means helping corporates including Sony, the BBC, Adidas, and KPMG, and some of Europe’s fastest growing scale-ups including Habito and Ada, to develop impact cultures – a process which revolutionises productivity, creativity, and growth.

Phil sees culture as the Operating System (OS) of a business. His approach drives change because it focuses directly on the OS, using cutting-edge psychology and an innovative blend of coaching, consulting and training. His work changes what clients do and how they do it, using techniques that have a proven impact on the work environment.

He combines integrity and professionalism with a range of deep domain specialisms that align around innovation and impact. He drives his team to be direct and challenging, always in the interests of inspiring performance. They believe in making people better, not redundant. Phil’s aim for Corporate Punk is that it helps businesses feel the impact of people being fully energised at work.

The churn and burn approach of traditional Professional Services also isn’t for Phil. The firm’s people are all experts, with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in their respective fields: they deserve looking after. Phil wants to create the world’s greatest impact culture at Corporate Punk, for their and the business’s benefit.