Tyler Welmans, Deloitte

Part mad scientist, part consummate professional, Tyler challenges, drives and motivates those around him in equal measure. His passion for emerging technologies, his depth of subject matter expertise, and his relentless drive to push the boundaries set him apart from peers 

Tyler is Deloitte’s Blockchain leader in the UK. Having joined Deloitte in 2012 as an established digital specialist with broad cross-industry experience, he has worked tirelessly for the past five years to establish and lead Deloitteblockchain practice. What began as edgeofdesk research has now taken centre stage for the growing practice, achieving revenue across all service lines for the first time in 2018 and supporting 100’s of clients on their blockchain journeys 

Under his hands-on leadership, Deloitte has developed a catalogue of innovative products, services and credentials that are now powering growth across the wider firm in the UK and internationally.  

Now recognised as a leading global expert when it comes to innovation at some of the largest scalesPerhaps most importantly, Tyler has cemented a reputation as one of very few specialists with the insight and the hands-on experience to turn an idea into a fully operational product in this exciting emerging technology domain.  

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