2013 Budget: The Consulting Industry Speaks Out

Five years after the recession began, and at the midpoint of this government, the 2013 budget held few new measures or real surprises. With revised projections for growth and gloomy news around government borrowing we were waiting to see what would be proposed which might kick start the economy.

Measures ranged from incentives for low emissions cars to new corporation tax rates. But did the budget really add up to growth for the UK and which measures gained the most approval? Many of the MCA member firms commented on measures in the budget, whether to advise and inform their clients or to reflect on the impact it will have on their own business.

The commentary paints a picture of both opportunities welcomed and missed. Business uncertainty about delivery is constant through much of the commentary, and that doubt is the element most likely to hold back business investment. But businesses still warmly welcomed the National Insurance breaks for employers, the investment in housing and of course the penny off the pint.