Constant Change: Managing the ‘New Normal’

The current economic landscape represents a constant change. As people live longer, workforce demographics change; throw in technological disrupters such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality and this all adds to demand and expectation on the economy. This is now our ‘new normal’.

Findings from the recent Moorhouse Barometer on Change Report show 76% of respondents felt an increase in the pace and pressure of change during 2016, a 7% increase from 2015. Despite this surge, our ability to effect change remains low.

So how can organisations implement change with a high level of success, whilst the pace of change is continually increasing?

Simply put, this requires careful planning. By placing greater emphasis on managing and leading change, organisations can build the potential to change. This can be done through a focus on leadership and trust, your team, transparency, building capacity for change and accommodating a changing workforce.

Honing in on these areas plays an instrumental part for a planned and robust change approach, ensuring the greatest chance of success in managing and adapting to change across your organisation.

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*The Year of Disruption follows on from our very successful Years of Digital (shortlisted for an Association Excellence Award), Growth and Diversity.